Flare pant lang

What is a flare Pant long?

A flare pant long is a flare pant but in a long length. The flare Pant runs wider from the knee. Therefore, the flare pant must be exactly good in length for a long time. Usually a flare pant is too long and has to be taken off. This makes it work model lost. But the flare pant is longer than the regular flare pant and therefore the flare pant is just right for people with longer legs. The flare pant is long with a lot of stretch and in black.

Who wears a flare pant long?

People with long legs, the flare pant is ideal for a long time. Nowadays the flare pant is a favorite pants for everyone! But if you are taller legs hebt, the flare pant is often too short. And if you wear the flare pant shorter, you take the model out of the flare pant. That is why we have the flare pant made in lengths. A flare pant long in One Size with a lot of stretch and length! Everyone, even with long legs, can handle a flare pant! The flare pant is now only available in black, but also comes in prints and other colors.

How did you wash the flare pant long?

The flare pant is best washed at thirty degrees. You should not put the flare pant in the dryer for a long time. The flare pant long consists largely of polyamide and Elasthan. This means you do not have to iron the flare pant for a long time. You just hang the flare pant wet on the clothesline after washing. The flare pant was long inside out. This keeps the color of the flare pant the longest beautiful and solid in color. The flare pant dries for a long time within twenty minutes. You can handle the flare Pant for a long time.

Why is it best to buy the flare pant briefly at FEELGOODXL?

Just because FEELGOODXL is the only one that sells this size and lengths. The standard size of flare Pant is longer. Then there must always be a piece off. That is why FEELGOODXL sells the Flare Pant for a long time especially for ladies with size 44-50 and longer legs. FEELGOODXL has had this long-length flare Pant made especially in Turkey. Not only the flare Pant long length but also the flare Pant shorter length! FEELGOODXL has something for every length